Fortune Oil started its operation in China in the early 1990s and was amongst the first foreign companies to invest in China’s energy market. Under the backdrop of China’s economic reform and development, Fortune Oil worked closely with PetroChina, Sinopec and China National Aviation Fuels (“CNAF”) to deliver a number of unique national and regional energy infrastructure projects, leveraging on its strong partnerships both internationally and within China, as well as strong leadership by an experienced management team.

Many of these notable achievements were the first of their kind in China’s energy market, including:

China’s first single point mooring buoy system with capacity of 300,000 tonnes. The facility supplies crude oil to the largest refinery in southern China (Sinopec’s Maoming Refinery) and has maintained world-class standard of operation for 26 consecutive years with an accident-free and spill-free record;

The first State Council approved cross-region aviation fuel Sino-foreign joint venture serving China’s civil aviation industry. The joint venture provides aviation fuel storage and refuelling services at 32 airports across five provinces in central and southern China;

The first oil products terminal and tank storage facilities in southern China, developed with PetroChina. It is PetroChina’s major transit hub of oil products from northern China to PetroChina’s retail fuels market in southern China;

The construction and the marine worthiness certification of the first 3000-tonne dual fuel cargo vessel (CSC Chang Xun Ⅲ), together with the completion of China’s first shore-based LNG ship refuelling terminal on the Yangtze River in Chongqing heralded a new era for China’s Liquefied Natural Gas “LNG” fueled ships. This project was selected by China’s Ministry of Transport as a pilot demonstration project for marine LNG shipping and refueling, and became the design specification standard foundation for China’s shore-based LNG ship refuelling industry. After 10 years of strong commitment and hard work, the project has successfully demonstrated the commercial operation of LNG refuelling for natural-gas-powered ships and completed the maiden voyage test of natural-gas-powered ships. This included the vessel safely passing through the locks of the Three Gorges Dam, enabling the industry to implement the national environmental protection strategies of the "Gasification of the Yangtze River", and " Clear Water and Green Mountains ".