The strength of Fortune Oil lies not only in China, but also in the Middle East where Fortune's shareholders have over 30 years of experience and strong networks to enable Fortune Oil to access resources for its’ China market development and supply.

The huge development potential of China's clean energy market and the Chinese government's continuous deepening and improving environmental protection strategies, policies and measures have provided vast opportunities for Fortune Oil’s development strategy, i.e. to capitalise on China’s growing cleaner energy demand, and further develop long-term, stable and competitive energy supply from overseas.

The development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is a major national development strategy. As an independent energy company headquartered in Hong Kong and businesses rooted in the mainland, Fortune Oil will, by building on existing resources and advantages in national and international markets, and working together with our partners, actively participate in the development and construction of the Greater Bay Area and make greater contributions to the overall development of clean energy in the Greater Bay Area and the country as a whole.