Oil products and liquefied petrochemical products storage

The West Zhuhai Jetty and Storage Terminal is operated by Zhuhai Special Economic Zone South China Petroleum Company Limited (“West Zhuhai”), a joint venture between PetroChina Company Limited, Fortune Oil and Poweroil Group Company Limited. Established in March 1994, West Zhuhai’s business includes petroleum trading, storage, wholesale and retail, plus other terminal services.

West Zhuhai Jetty and Storage Terminal is located at Zhuhai Bay of Gaolan Island, within the Zhuhai Special Economic Zone, covering an area of 147,600 square metres. After three phases of development, the terminal facility now has 22 tanks, with a total capacity of 457,000 cubic metres of oil products and liquefied petrochemical products. The facility is among the largest of its kind in southern China and consists of 4 terminals: one 80,000-tonne terminal, one 10,000-tonne terminal and two 1,000-tonne terminals. Since entering operation in November 1998 and through to the end of 2022, West Zhuhai Jetty and Storage Terminal handled nearly 49 million tonnes of oil products and liquefied petrochemical products for its customers and principally for PetroChina.

West Zhuhai has a forward-looking and proactive staff. While adhering to PetroChina’s “Strategic Oil Products Reserve” strategy, West Zhuhai has also put its strengths into good use and actively developed a bonded business in recent years, laying a solid foundation for long-term, healthy and steady growth.

For more than 20 years, West Zhuhai has placed safety and customer satisfaction as its top priorities and provided quality service to its customers, principally PetroChina. It has long been the flagship fuel storage facility for the PetroChina group, establishing strong credibility in the storage market and bringing considerable returns for its shareholders.