Fortune Oil Limited ("Fortune Oil") is an independent energy company headquartered in Hong Kong. The company focuses on investments and operations in oil and gas supply and infrastructure operations in China.

Fortune Oil was listed on the London Stock Exchange (Main Board) from 1993 to March 2015 and is a well-respected company and maintains a good reputation and high standard of corporate governance. In 2015, in view of changes in the international capital market, Fortune Oil was privatised on the London Stock Exchange as a private limited company owned by Fortune Dynasty Holdings Limited. Renowned Hong Kong entrepreneur Mr. Daniel Tatjung Chiu holds 70% of Fortune Oil through a private company - First Level Holdings Limited while Vitol Group, the world’s largest independent energy and commodities trader, owns 30% through Vitol Energy (Bermuda) Ltd.

Ever since its establishment, Fortune Oil has pooled the national and international resources and competitive advantages of its two shareholders, worked closely with its Chinese partners, and made positive contributions to the construction and development of China's energy market with remarkable achievements. As of the end of September 2023, Fortune Oil, together with its joint ventures and associate companies, have invested RMB140 billion (approximately US$19.6 billion) in China.