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Chairman Daniel Tatjung Chiu of Fortune Oil Limited Delivered a Video Speech to China Gas 2022 Fiscal Year Conference


On 17 April 2022, China Gas held its 2022 Fiscal Year Conference with the theme of "Change Wins the Future. The conference was held by video link with the main venue at the China Gas Shenzhen Office, and at the sub-venues of China Gas in Hong Kong and 9 regional offices, with 100,000 China Gas staff in attendance. 

As one of the key shareholders of China Gas, Chairman Daniel Tatjung CHIU of Fortune Oil Limited delivered a video speech to this event, supporting the strategy of "Change Wins the Future", empowered by change, and to jointly embark on a new journey for China Gas’s future development.

Looking back at the extraordinary year of 2021, Chairman CHIU firstly stated his deep concern for production safety, Chairman CHIU pointed out that "Safety is the foundation of an enterprise, to seek development, safety must be ensured, without safety, everything means nothing". 

In his video address, Chairman CHIU, on behalf of Fortune Oil Limited, thanked China Gas’s management team and all staff for their hard work and business performance achieved in FY 2021. Chairman CHIU pointed out that " We are pleased to see that, facing serious difficulties and challenges from all sides, especially the severe rebound of the epidemic and the worst floods in a century, the management team and all staff have under the strong leadership and guidance of the board of directors, strived extremely hard trying by all means to solve problems for the people, ensure safe gas supply and protect people's livelihood, which have fully demonstrated the mission and responsibility of the China Gas invincible team”.

Chairman CHIU expressed his appreciation, recognition and support to the important decision and deployment of "Change wins the future" made by China Gas management team at this critical moment. Chairman CHIU pointed out that "We are pleased to see that China Gas’s top management has been deeply aware that the new pattern of sustainable and high-quality development of China Gas urgently requires internal institutional innovation to constantly adapt to market requirements;  the change and improvement to the existing management system; and requires the management’s sense of crisis, clear mind, firm faith, the spirit of perseverance and a realistic and down-to-earth style of work, so as to overcome bureaucracy, stimulate vitality and find solutions to get out of difficulties”. 

Looking forward to China Gas’s future development, Chairman CHIU hoped that, as the largest cross-regional integrated gas energy supplier and operator in Mainland China, China Gas "will continue to give full attention to its traditional advantages, continue to deeply cultivate its gas market, enhance safety investment in pipeline equipment, strengthen its main business, and constantly expand industrial chain, especially in the context of great changes in the international and domestic natural gas supply and demand structure, increasingly fierce competition and on-going perfect market pricing mechanism, China Gas will strengthen the coordinated layout of upstream and downstream markets, optimize resource procurement channels, strengthen foundation and avoid risks, so as to provide a solid guarantee for the company's annual growth of natural gas business". Regarding the development opportunities brought by China’s “double carbon strategy” for the clean energy industry, Chairman CHIU hoped China Gas will "make full use of its advantageous conditions, closely follow up the market dynamics, grasp project opportunities, and make reasonable plans, while serving the national double carbon strategic goals, to make the company shift towards smart, green and low-carbon direction". 

Chairman CHIU wished China Gas great success.