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Fortune Oil Limited (“Fortune Oil”) , as One of the Shareholders of South China Bluesky Aviation Oil Company Limited (“Bluesky”) Delivered Summer Care and Greetings to Bluesky Front Line Employees


On 27 July 2022, Mr. Ye Yanting, Chairman of Bluesky and Mr. Zhang Haiqun, representative of Fortune Oil and Deputy GM of Bluesky led a team to visit the Guangzhou Airport refuelling facilities bringing care, greetings and appreciation of both Chinese and foreign shareholders to all the frontline staff.

Chairman Ye Yanting gave full recognition to all the staff for staying at their posts and achieving good safety performance in the midst of recurrent epidemic outbreaks and extreme heat and conveyed Fortune Oil shareholder’s thanks to all of them, and asked them to maintain good heat protection and to continue their good work in epidemic prevention and control and production safety with a high sense of responsibility.

Before the trip, Bluesky Vice Chairman and Fortune Oil CEO Mme. Li Ching wrote to Bluesky main leaders praising all Bluesky staff’s dedication to their duties and actions during the rebound of the global epidemic, the sluggish world economy and the severe impact of these to the aviation industry. Under the strong support of the superior company and the firm leadership of Bluesky 's management team, Bluesky has achieved many outstanding achievements in epidemic prevention and control and safe operation.

Vice Chairman Li Ching said that as one of the founding shareholders of Bluesky, Fortune Oil is proud of having such a dedicated outstanding professional team. On behalf of Mr. Daniel Tatjung CHIU, Chairman of Fortune Oil Limited, Vice Chairman Li Ching thanked the Bluesky management team for their hard work and paid tribute to all employees for their high sense of responsibility. To this end, Fortune Oil made a special arrangement to distribute small gifts to the Bluesky frontline staff bringing shareholders' care and greetings to production site.

The Bluesky frontline staff committed to continue to work hard with a positive work attitude and consistent work style to truly demonstrate the good outlook of the aviation industry, and to make positive contributions for the successful completion of the annual performance target and create new brilliance for Bluesky in the new joint venture period