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Fortune Oil Limited Chief Executive Officer Mme. Li Ching and Her Delegation Visited the Zhanjiang Project of China National Aviation Fuel Group Limited (“CNAF”) Southern Storage and Transportation Company Limited (“SSTC”)


On 11 February 2023, Fortune Oil Limited (Fortune Oil )Chief Executive Officer Mme. Li Ching and her delegation paid a visit to the Zhanjiang Project of China National Aviation Fuel Group Limited (“CNAF”) Southern Storage and Transportation Company Limited (“SSTC”), bringing care and greetings to frontline staff and expressing gratitude to all the construction units and builders. 

Mme. Li and her delegation firstly came to the project construction headquarters to meet with the staff of the project department, and listened to General Manager Gao Yimin's report on the project construction situation and existing problems. Afterwards, Mme. Li and her delegation went to the construction site for project investigation.

Mme. Li fully affirmed all the work done by SSTC in the aspects of safety production, procedures processing and team building, etc. 

Mme. Li said that after nearly 10 years of preparation, the Zhanjiang Base Project of SSTC has entered the stage of accelerated construction and development, production safety always comes the first, and the concept of production safety must be firmly established, Fortune Oil has full confidence in the project management team, and hopes that SSTC will continue to thoroughly grasp market demand and seize the opportunities in the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, relying on the transportation location advantages such as sea transportation and pipeline, and good cooperation resources of Maoming Petrochemical and Zhanjiang Port Group, to make good use of the opportunity of industrial structure adjustment, stay closer to market demands, give full play to the advantages of enterprise system and mechanism, and with safe and high-quality services, to establish an excellent brand in the petrochemical warehousing and logistics industry in the western part of Guangdong Province. 

On behalf of all the employees of the company, GM Gao Yimin thanked Mme. Li and Fortune   shareholder for their support and care, and expressed that they will do a good job in production safety, fulfill corporate social responsibility, achieve intrinsic safety and zero accidents, strengthen business development efforts, closely identify market needs, and achieve good social and economic benefits.

Deputy GM of South China Bluesky Aviation Oil Company Limited (“Bluesky”)
Mr. Zhang Haiqun and Fortune Oil Associate Director (Project and finance) Mr. He Guo accompanied Mme. Li on the visit. At the meeting, they reviewed the valuable and meaningful experiences in the development of the project and put forward good suggestions for future business development. SSTC Executive Vice President Mr. Jiang Shuchu and other related personnel also attended the meeting.