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Fortune Oil CEO Mme. Li Ching Visited South China Bluesky Aviation Oil Company Limited (“Bluesky”) on behalf of Fortune Oil shareholder


On February 10, 2023, on behalf of Fortune Oil, one of the shareholders of Bluesky, Fortune Oil Chief Executive Officer Mme. Li Ching, in her capacity as Vice Chairman of Bluesky, visited the company and had business discussions with Bluesky Deputy GM Mr. Duan Jingjv, Deputy GM Mr. Zhang Haiqun, and heads of functional departments.

Deputy GM Mr. Duan Jingjv briefly introduced the various works completed by Bluesky since last year and business objectives of this year, and had in-depth discussions with Vice Chairman Li and her delegation on current business situation, market trends, resources supply and the budget for year 2023. 

Vice Chairman Li Ching expressed her heartfelt thanks to Bluesky employees for all their efforts for the development of the company, and gave full affirmation to the achievements obtained by Bluesky in production safety, cost reduction and efficiency improvement, inventory management and other aspects.