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Chairman Daniel Tatjung CHIU of Fortune Oil Limited Attended China Gas FY 2023 Working Conference & the 20th Anniversary Celebration and Delivered Speeches


On 26 April 2023, with the theme of "20 years dedication with passion & 100 years journey with hard working ", China Gas FY 2023 Working Conference & the 20th Anniversary Celebration were held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. More than 2000 China Gas delegates and guests from all walks of life gathered at the conference site, and more than 100,000 China Gas employees participated in the grand event via video conference. Mr. LIU Minghui, Chairman of the Board of Directors and President of China Gas Group, delivered a welcome speech. Chairman LIU said that “Today's meeting is a grand event to review the past and plan for the future; a mobilization to honor the advanced and inspire enthusiasm; a comprehensive stimulation of China Gas’s value creation vitality, and also a solemn oath to stand at a new starting point, look forward to a new future, and get ready to start a new journey.”

As a major shareholder of China Gas, Chairman Daniel Tatjung CHIU of Fortune Oil Limited, delivered passionate speeches to China Gas FY 2023 Working Conference held in the morning and the 20th Anniversary Celebration in the afternoon respectively. Chairman CHIU highly praised the achievements made by China Gas people when facing multiple challenges such as the severe domestic and international environment and repeated epidemics situation last year. Chairman CHIU said that, under the leadership of the group's core management team, China Gas people have worked together, forged ahead, actively promoted the strategy and management reform, expanded the whole industrial chain of natural gas resources, and continuously innovated and promoted the development of new energy of electric power, heating and thermal engineering, digital management and value-added business, and with practical actions, demonstrated the mission and responsibility to bring harmony and benefit to the whole society; and with strong commitment, safeguarded the safety and stability of gas supply of all cities. Chairman CHIU wished that in the new fiscal year, China Gas would "strengthen and optimize the development of main business, vigorously develop new retail and other new businesses, firmly grasp the new opportunities of rapid development in the" post-epidemic "era, and with the spirit of" dream, passion, transcendence", continue to strive on the road of exploring high-quality development, and firmly march toward the new journey of business development.”

At the 20th anniversary celebration, Chairman CHIU, on behalf of Fortune Oil Limited, expressed his heartfelt thanks and highest respect to China Gas’s management team headed by Chairman LIU Minghui and CEO HUANG Yong, all China Gas employees and their families, who have made great contributions to the country and people with their hard working and dedication during such a turbulent and challenging historical process. Chairman CHIU said that, as a shareholder of China Gas, we have been very proud to have such an invincible and undefeated team. "As the pioneer of China's gas industry, China Gas has with its responsibility and mission, has brought warmth to 50 million households and 500,000 industrial and commercial enterprises; actively responded to the state's summon to control air pollution, spared no effort to carry out the project of " replacing coal with gas" , contributed to winning the battle of protecting the blue sky, and at the same time, actively engaged in " Beautiful Countryside Construction " striving for the realization of the second centenary goal. ”Chairman CHIU hoped that, under the strong leadership of the board of directors, China Gas would always adhere to entrepreneur oriented approach, never stop exploring and making progress, with a strong sense of responsibility and the confidence to win, march towards the next twenty years of development, and with keeping improving and making steady progress, to lay a more solid foundation for China Gas’s 100-year success. Chairman CHIU wished China Gas evergreen and thriving, wishes all China Gas employees career success and great future.

Among all the agendas of the 20th anniversary celebration, Chairman CHIU and Fortune Oil management team have been most proud and gratified that, a group of former Fortune Oil team and colleagues, represented by Xinyang Fortune Gas Co., Ltd, were listed on the group and individual honor list of the 20th Anniversary Celebration, and acquired the awards from the management awards. At the "Outstanding Meritorious Service" Award ceremony, Chairman CHIU together with China Gas management team, presented awards to the winners of Excellence Model Award.