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Leaders of Fortune Oil Visited China Gas Frontline Cadres and Employees Participating in Flood Fighting and Disaster Relief in North China


Ever since north China was hit by severe floods in late July and early August 2023, the leaders of Fortune Oil Limited ("Fortune Oil"), as an important shareholder of China Gas Holdings Limited (“CGH”), have been deeply concerned about the situation and safety of CGH personnel on the frontline of flood fighting and disaster relief. On August 16, entrusted by Fortune Oil Chairman Daniel Tatjung CHIU and CEO Mme. Li Ching, Mr. Gong Min, Fortune Oil Director of Investment Development and Mr. Wang Daqing, Chairman of Labor Union of Fortune Beijing Management Center, accompanied by Mr. Zhao Honggang, Executive GM of CGH North China Region, went to CGH affiliated project companies in Tianjin and Baoding and visited the frontline staff working on their posts, bringing to them the care and greetings of Fortune Oil shareholder and all staff, and expressed heartfelt thanks to CGH invincible team’s outstanding contributions to flood fighting and disaster relief.

During the visit, Mr. Gong and his delegation inspected the sites of flood destroyed villages and damaged pipeline network facilities, and learned about rescue and recovery work and post-disaster reconstruction plans. Everywhere Mr. Gong went, he always shook hands with each of the frontline staff, had very cordial conversations with them about their work and life, and on behalf of Fortune Oil, extended the most sincere greetings and thanks to them. Mr. Gong emphasized that employees are the most valuable wealth of the enterprise, the personal safety of frontline employees is the top priority, and the well-being of frontline employees should be effectively protected. Mr. Gong said that the cadres and employees in CGH North China Region have devoted themselves to the emergency rescue work in flood control and flood fighting, which have demonstrated the mission and responsibility of CGH people to bring harmony and benefit to the whole society, Fortune Oil would fully support CGH's flood fighting and rescue work in North China, and work together to win the battle of flood prevention and flood fighting and the resumption of production and supply.

The visit of Fortune Oil leaders has greatly encouraged CGH frontline cadres and employees and further strengthened their belief and determinations to win the battle against the flood.