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Chairman Daniel Tatjung Chiu of Fortune Oil Limited Attended China Gas Holdings Ltd. 2021 Fiscal Year Conference Via Video Speech


On 17 April 2021, China Gas Holdings Ltd. (“China Gas”) held its FY 2020 Work Review and FY 2021 Work Plan Conference with the theme of "Change to promote high-quality development and innovation to win the new journey” at the Greater China Sheraton Hotel in Futian district, Shenzhen, and at the sub-venues of China Gas Hong Kong Headquarters and Beijing branch, 70 thousand China Gas staff attended the event by video conference.

As one of the key shareholders of China Gas, Chairman Daniel Tatjung CHIU of Fortune Oil Limited attended this event through video speech.

In his video address, Chairman CHIU highly praised the outstanding performance achieved by China Gas staff under the leadership of the Group's management team in FY 2020. Chairman CHIU pointed out that "In the face of the epidemic and the severe and complex economic situation at home and abroad, China Gas people strived hard, in a pioneering and innovative spirit, actively implementing the Group's value chain expansion strategy and made extraordinary achievements: The upstream and downstream resources of the natural gas industry chain have been deeply integrated, the three-year battle to replace coal with gas has been successfully concluded, the rural gas business has been rapidly advanced, the warm housing project strategy has been successfully implemented in many places, the micro-pipe network business has been written into the No. 1 document of the CPC Central Committee, and the new retail vertical e-commerce business has generated greater vitality... With practical actions, China Gas has once again demonstrated the mission and responsibility to bring harmony and benefit to the whole of society; with unremitting efforts, China Gas’s employees have been making contributions to the development of the industry and the benefit of the people”.

Regarding the milestone event that the "Rural Gas Micro-pipe Network System" solely created by China Gas has been recognized by the central government, Chairman CHIU pointed out that “the most beautiful scenery of the Rural Gas Micro-pipe Network System is not the business model itself, it’s the great contribution China Gas has made to the implementation of the national strategy for rural revitalization, to the change of China's rural lifestyle in several thousand years, and to the realization of the nation’s modernization development”.

Chairman CHIU expressed his heartfelt thanks to the hard work and dedication of the China Gas management team headed by Chairman Liu Minghui and CEO Huang Yong, and the China Gas employees and their family members over the past year and paid the highest tribute to the great contributions China Gas people have made to the country and society, and expressed his heartfelt pride of being a shareholder of such an invincible team with cohesive force and fighting ability.

FY 2021 is a year full of challenges and hopes, at the same time, it’s also the first year for the implementation of the nation’s 14th Five-Year Plan. Chairman CHIU hopes that “the China Gas team will at all times keep a clear mind, firmly grasp all the opportunities of the acceleration of industry marketization reform and the "gas to the countryside" policy proposed by the No. 1 document of the CPC Central Committee, and continue to deeply cultivate its traditional gas market, pay close attention to the value chain expansion, strive to achieve more efficient, higher quality and more sustainable development, and driven by the spirit of “undertaking the national mission and responsibilities”, continue with its brilliant performance results, to present a unique birthday gift for the glorious moment of the Group's upcoming 20th anniversary ".