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The Three Shareholders of South China Bluesky Aviation Oil Company Limited (“Bluesky”) Signed a Memorandum of Understanding for Joint Venture Cooperation


On 3 December 2020, the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding for Bluesky Joint Venture Cooperation was held in the command hall of the office tower, China National Aviation Fuel Group Corporation (“CNAF Group”), CNAF Group Chairman Mr. Zhou Qiang, BP Aviation CEO Mr. Martin Thomsen, and Chairman of Fortune Oil Limited Mr. Daniel Tatjung Chiu, together with the three shareholder representatives participated in the signing ceremony via a combination of on-site participation and video conference.

The signing ceremony started with the speeches from CNAF Group Chairman Mr. Zhou Qiang, BP Aviation CEO Mr. Martin Thomsen and Fortune Oil Chairman Mr. Daniel Tatjung Chiu, and then the Memorandum of Understanding for Joint Venture Cooperation was signed by the three parties’ authorized representatives; CNAF Group Vice President Mr. Zhang Zhigang, General Manager of BP (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Mr. Han Renhua, and Fortune Oil Director (Enterprise Project Management) Mr. Gao Yimin. The signing ceremony is a new starting point for Bluesky’s future development.

In his speech, Chairman Daniel Tatjung Chiu thanked Chairman Zhou Qiang for his commitment to the continuation of Bluesky's joint venture cooperation, and for the all the support from theCNAF Group leaders and working group members for their efficient work, which has enabled Bluesky to start a new journey of future development on the basis of mutual trust and benefit.

Chairman Daniel Tatjung Chiu said that, as Bluesky's founding shareholder, Fortune Oil has a deep feeling for Bluesky, and is confident in its continued cooperation with CNAF Group. As always, Fortune Oil will continue to work with CNAF Group and BP, maintaining the original intention of the cooperation, forging ahead and with this renewed cooperation, make Bluesky even bigger and stronger, and through Bluesky, support the motherland's economic and social development and prosperity.

Chairman Daniel Tatjung Chiu also pointed out that the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is a major national development strategy. As a Hong Kong SAR based enterprise that has made long-term investment in the Mainland, Fortune Oil will use its advantages and resources to assist Bluesky to participate in the construction and development of the Greater Bay Area. I wish Bluesky’s joint venture cooperation a complete success!

The members of Fortune Oil Limited participating in the signing ceremony include Chief Executive Officer Mme. Li Ching, Technical and Business Development Director Dr. Michael Jones, Chief Financial Officer Mr. Paul Kwong, Associate Director (Project and Finance) Mr. He Guo, Director (International Trade) Mr. Ye Qing and Director (Investment & Development) Mr. Gong Min.