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The Latest Release of Fortune Oil’s Donation to the Fight Against the Epidemic


The China Gas Charity Foundation (“the Foundation”), which is established and funded by China Gas Holdings Limited, Fortune Oil Limited and other co-operative parties, decided on 7 February 2020, to donate another Hong Kong Dollars Fifteen Million to some provinces and cities to assist local governments in epidemic prevention and control. Of this donation Hong Kong Dollars Five Million will be used to purchase anti-epidemic protection materials to support frontline anti-epidemic personnel. Together with the first Hong Kong Dollars Fifteen Million donated to some cities in Hubei and Henan provinces on 30 January 2020, the Foundation has accumulatively donated Hong Kong Dollars Thirty Million. The continuous donation by the Foundation fully demonstrates its mission and responsibility to bring harmony and benefit to the whole of society.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, in addition to the donations by the Foundation, all the project companies of China Gas Holdings Limited around the country have, in response to local governments’ calls, actively involved in the front line epidemic prevention work, by overcoming various difficulties in times of crisis. This includes ensuring stable gas supply to cities and providing emergency gas supply to existing and newly established medical institutions thereby supporting the government’s fight against the epidemic, and therefore gaining the fullest respect from the government and all sectors of the society.

As one of the major shareholders of China Gas Holdings Limited, Fortune Oil deeply respects the fulfillment of corporate social responsibilities by China Gas management team and the heroic deeds by the brave China Gas frontline staff.