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Leaders of Fortune Oil Group Visited Frontline Staff of Fortune Liulin Gas Co., Ltd.


On 22 September, 2018, Fortune Oil Executive Director Mme. Li Ching, in her capacity as Chairman of China Gas Charity Foundation visited the frontline staff of Fortune Liulin Gas Co., Ltd. in Liulin County, Shanxi Province, conveying the most sincere Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays’ warm greetings and blessings from Fortune Oil Group and China Gas Charity Foundation to the frontline staff and their family members. Relevant leaders of China Gas Holdings Limited and the Chinese partner of Fortune Liulin CBM project also joined the visit.

Fortune Liulin CBM project has been in development for 12 years, which filled with the persistence and hardship of all the Fortune Oil colleagues who have paid great efforts for this project. After years of unremitting efforts, including rigorous geological exploration, technical testing, effective and successful pilot production operation, the project’s Overall Development Plan (“ODP”) finally obtained the official approval by the National Development and Reform Commission on September 19, 2018. This indicates that the Liulin CBM project is about to enter the stage of commercial development, and strives for constructing the 350 million cubic meters per year production capacity in accordance with the “ODP” target in the first half of next year. As a national major science and technology demonstration project, with the approval of the joint committee of both the Chinese and Foreign parties, the project’s sales revenue generated during the trial production operation, has also entered the stage of investment recovery under the Product Sharing Contract ("PSC").

Re-visited Liulin on the Loess Plateau, and met with on-duty staff and former Fortune Oil colleagues at the well site, Mme. Li Ching felt very excited and touched. On behalf of Fortune Oil Group and China Gas Charity Foundation, she conveyed warm holiday greetings and blessings to all of them and expressed deep gratitude to all their hardworking and contribution, she also wished that the Liulin CBM project would develop smoothly and achieve more progress in future.