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Fortune Oil Sent Mid-Autumn Festival Greetings and Wishes to Frontline Staff of Bluesky Guangxi Branch


Before the Mid-Autumn Festival of 2018, entrusted by Fortune Oil Group management, a Fortune Oil delegation composed of Mr. Gao Yimin, General Manager of Project Investment Management Department and Director of Bluesky, Mr. Archer Lee, Assistant Financial Controller and Ms. Lv Xiaochun, Deputy General Manager of Guangzhou Fortune Oil Company Limited visited the frontline staff in the aviation fuel supply stations in Hechi, Liuzhou and Wuzhou airports operated by Bluesky Guangxi Branch. The delegation conveyed Fortune Oil’s most sincere holiday greetings and blessings to the frontline staff and their family members.

Hechi Airport is located at the Jiantang mountain at a height of 677 meters. It is potentially one of the most dangerous mountain airports in China due to the mountains surrounding the airport and it is also one of the most difficult airports currently being managed by Bluesky. Since the opening of Hechi Airport four years ago, the four staff at the supply station have overcome various difficulties including inconvenient transportation, shortage of fresh vegetables, no access to water supply etc., worked extremely hard and successfully performed their day-to-day duties winning high praises form management team and neighboring partners. Liuzhou is an important industrial town in Guangxi. The 11 staff in Liuzhou Airport provides safe fuel supply to 20 aircraft on a day to day basis. Wuzhou Airport is one of the 16 airports which Bluesky provided aviation fuel services at the initial stage. Currently, the airport’s relocation plan is underway, the equipment at the airport are in functional mode and the staff there are actively preparing for more challenging tasks in the new airport next year.

The Fortune Oil delegation was deeply impressed with the Bluesky frontline team’s spirit, their pragmatic approach, innovation, responsibility and harmony. The delegation was also very pleased with the successful implementation of the shareholder’s strategy, that all airports, whether large or small, those owned and operated by Bluesky or affiliated airports where Bluesky provides operating services only, they are all part of the Bluesky group and are therefore treated with the same level of importance.