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Fortune Oil Sent Representatives to Convey Greetings and Appreciation to Bluesky Frontline Employees


On 6 and 7 February 2018, entrusted by Mme. Li Ching, Executive Director of Fortune Oil Limited and Vice Chairman of South China Bluesky Aviation Oil Company Limited (“Bluesky”) , and accompanied by Mr. Gao Yimin, Director of Bluesky and General Manager of Fortune Oil Limited Project & Investment, Ms. Lv Xiaochun, Deputy General Manager of Guangzhou Fortune Oil Company Limited visited Bluesky Hubei Enshi Station and Bluesky Changsha Yi Jia Wan oil discharging Stations, conveying appreciations and New Year greetings from the management team to the frontline employees.

Enshi airport is an important gateway to western Hubei Province with nearly 400 flights every year. Changsha airport is a fast-growing hub airport with both passenger and freight transportation serving China’s central region. While conveying the management team’s holiday greetings, distributing of New Year red envelopes, Ms. Lv and Mr. Gao also had friendly discussions with the frontline employees, jointly aiming to enhance the environment where employees enjoy their work and company business continues to grow successfully.