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Maoming Single Point Mooring (“SPM”) Completed the Largest Scale Upgrading Since 22 Years Safe Operation


Maoming New King Ming Petroleum Co., Ltd. (“NKM”) started construction of the second sub-sea pipeline in July 2016. The 15.49 km long, 48-inches diameter sub-sea pipeline, which is also China’s largest diameter crude oil pipeline, came into operation in May 2017. On May 19 2017 New Vigorous, a 300,000-tonnes Very large Crude Carrier (“VLCC”), delivered Middle East crude oil through the pipeline to the crude oil tanks at the Sinopec Maoming refinery, one of China's largest refineries. This event marks the completion of the largest upgrading of the Maoming SPM - China's first single mooring facility, following 22 years safe, environmental friendly and efficient operations.

The first Maoming sub-sea pipeline, which came into operation in December 1994, was 34 inches in diameter and designed with an annual handling capacity of 11 million tonnes. Since the pipeline commenced operations, it has handled 1003 vessels and imported 193 million tonnes of crude oil with a record of zero oil spills or marine environmental pollution accidents. With the operation of the new pipeline, the annual import capacity of Maoming SPM will increase to over 15 million tonnes.