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Signing Ceremony for the Delivery of “Chinagas Glory”- The Second 84,000m3 VLGC (Very Large Gas Carrier) Held in Jiangnan Shipyard


On 15 July 2020, the signing ceremony was held for the delivery of “CHINAGAS GLORY”- the second 84,000m3 VLGC (“VERY LARGE GAS CARRIER”) at the Jiangnan Shipyard, Shanghai. On behalf of the owner and builder of the VLGC, Mr. Lu Pinglang, the representative of China Gas Fortune Marine Transportation Limited and Mr. Zhang Jian, Deputy General Manager of Jiangnan Shipyard (Group) Co., Ltd. expressed their heartfelt thanks to Jiangnan Shipyard (Group) Co., Ltd, Wah Kwong Ship Management (Hong Kong) Limited, and the other ship building teams for over one year’s hard work to ensure the timely and safe delivery of the two VLGCs. China Gas Fortune Marine Transportation Limited presented Jiangnan Shipyard (Group) Co., Ltd, with a pennant that read "Service First, Exquisite Skills, Carrying Glory and Rewriting Legends".

“CHINAGAS GLORY” is the sister ship of “CHINAGAS LEGEND” delivered in June this year, Both of the two VLGCs are of the same design with a storage capacity of 84,000 m3 of liquefied petroleum gas (“LPG”). Both “CHINAGAS LEGEND” and “CHINAGAS GLORY” have been delivered to China Gas, principally to support China Gas's own freight on board (“FOB”) cargo procurement and transportation.

At present, “CHINAGAS LEGEND” is completing its’ maiden voyage from the United States with a full cargo of LPG. It is expected to arrive at Mailiao Port in Taiwan for unloading in early August. “CHINAGAS GLORY” plans to go to the petrochemical storage and transportation base in Xiaomen Island, Wenzhou on 16 July. After completing the gas test on 23 July it will enter normal operations and is due to pass through the Panama Canal and arrive at Netherland Port in the United States of America (“USA”) for loading on 26-28 August, and return to China in late September.

The LPG to be loaded onto “CHINAGAS GLORY” is the first cargo that China Gas will have purchased from the USA through FOB trade. The supplier is Lone Star, a subsidiary of Energy Transfer Partner (“ETP”), a well-known midstream pipeline and gas separation, storage and transportation, and export facility operator in the USA. ETP is the second largest LPG exporter in the USA. It operates export terminals and storage projects in Nederland and Marcus Hook, in the Gulf of Mexico and the East Coast of the USA, with an annual export volume of over 10 million tonnes.

Through the new resource acquisition mode of FOB procurement, China Gas has extended its business to upstream suppliers, which will help its LPG trading business to obtain new competitiveness and development opportunities. This is a major new milestone in the development of China Gas's LPG business.